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jake1Start with an epiphany for a better snowshoe scribbled on a bar napkin.   Build a prototype out of parts and materials you salvage from the abandoned Volkswagen in your neighbors’ backyard.   Test it by giving it to your friends on Vail’s ski patrol and mountain rescue teams to use for a few months.  Then set up production in your converted garage and voila, the seed is planted.   For the next two decades concentrate on the pursuit of perfection while competing with some of the biggest companies in the outdoor industry, and building a brand that stands for quality and innovation and you have a pretty good idea of what Crescent Moon is all about.   All that on a (snow) shoe string!

jake2Most of the retailers we deal with, and many of our customers just call us “Jake and Tam”.   We started the business with a couple of other friends, Bill Demarest and Chuck Adams, nearly 19 years ago. That was the same year we had twins and bought the house we still live in, here in Boulder, CO.  While Bill and Chuck have moved on to more lucrative careers, we kept the kids, and continue to pursue our dream of building a great snowshoe business in Colorado.

Our kids are all but grown up, we don’t work out of our garage, and our little seed has become a business with a respectable brand, and from August to April every year, a very busy, bustling place.  With aluminum bending, sawing and drilling, parts cutting, binding assembly, boxing, shipping and packing, and the cacophony of a small business we keep the crew pretty busy.  It’s still a lot of fun to show up at the shop every day and watch the chaos turn into a melody of manufacturing.

Jacob Howe, manager of production at Crescent Moon

Our production crew are all craftsman in their own right and we work as a team in building our quality products.  Altogether, we remain a very hands on company doing everything except welding and powder coating (which is done just up the road from us) here in our shop located on Western Ave, near downtown Boulder.

We’re very proud of the quality and craftsmanship we put into every snowshoe that goes out the door. If you compare Crescent Moon to any other snowshoes, you’ll see features no one else has and we believe a product that performs and feels better than any others.   And you really do get what you pay for, so what’s a great outdoor experience worth to you?   We think it’s worth a great pair of snowshoes.

If you ever have a question, or a problem, you can call Jake, or Tam, or email us, and we’ll do our best to help you find the answer.  You’re also welcome to stop by our facility and we’ll give you the nickel tour (you must have exact change…)

Snowshoeing may not be the answer to world peace, but when you’re outdoors using them, it seems as if the world you’re in at the time, is at peace.

We love being out in Colorado’s beautiful mountains, in the snow, hiking through a silent stand of trees, or being with the whole noisy family, dogs and friends, or ‘newbies’ who we are always happy to introduce to the sport.  We encourage you to pursue a healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise and outdoor activity and if a pair of snowshoes helps you find a little piece of that, please consider Crescent Moon.

For winter fitness and pleasure, snowshoeing on a regular basis is hard to beat.  If you have questions about which models to choose or anything else you want to talk about, call us.   Really!  Here’s my cell phone number; 303-859-5216.  Happy to help you find some snowshoes for a lifetime of fitness and fun.

From Boulder,   Jake Thamm and Tamara Laug, co-founders.
The Crescent Moon Snowshoe Company

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