showshoes for sale

Here are a few tips and suggestions on how to buy snowshoes this winter;  first, ask yourself the following questions before you go to the store, or on line so you’ll know how to use the basic information provided by snowshoe manufacturers to describe their products.

  1. How much do you weigh
  2. What size foot do you have
  3. Where are you going to snowshoe
  4. Will you carry a backpack
  5. Will you be on established trails or will you make your own
  6. Snowshoes vary in price, what’s more important, a good pair of snowshoes, or a cheap pair of snowshoes

Like many pieces of outdoor gear you usually get what you pay for and if you buy snowshoes from a reputable outdoor retailer, or manufacturer,  you get more than just a product, you get to talk to an expert.   A guy or girl who really knows the difference between equipment sold at Costco vs. your local outdoor specialty store.  The folks who work at the specialty store are there because they’re passionate about the outdoors, and the gear they carry is the gear they’ve used.   They’ve been there, they’ve done that, and they’re outstanding sources of information on everything to do with the products they sell.   Snowshoes, for example, run the gamut of price, quality, design and construction and if you don’t know otherwise, you might think that price is the only consideration.    Well, it ain’t!

Every time you go snowshoeing, you rely upon the equipment to get you there and back.   No matter how far or near that is, if you’re snowshoes fall off because of a poorly designed binding, or they’re not the right size or shape for the way you walk, it’s likely you’re not going to have a great experience on your snowshoes.  Was it worth saving $100 if you never use them again because the snowshoes you bought at X-mart gave you blisters, or hip pain because they made you walk funny?  Just ask yourself, do you really want to buy outdoor gear from the same place you buy your mayonnaise?

Just like other outdoor gear, such as backpacks, or skis, or boots, the more you know about how to buy snow shoes, the better your snow shoeing will be.   Why not take the time to make the right choice for snowshoes that will give you a great experience.  Shop locally, ask an expert, be smart.

That’s why Crescent Moon partners with outdoor stores that really know what they’re talking about.  Buy snowshoes from people who have been snowshoeing, and who know the difference between good, or great equipment (like Crescent Moon), as opposed to “NOT SO MUCH” (like the kind you see in big box stores and deep discounters like Costco).  You really do get what you pay for.

Design your own custom snowshoe here. Learn how to buy snowshoes here.