Custom Snowshoes - Gold 9 BlueWEB

Design Your Own Snowshoes

If you’d like to build your own snowshoe with custom colors and components to match your personal preferences, you can! We’ll build your snowshoes to order. Free shipping anywhere in the continental US.

You are able to choose:

  1. Frame size and color
  2. Binding type and color
  3. Front Deck color
  4. Traction components

A few things to remember:

  • Consider your weight, including pack
  • Ask yourself if you will be on or off trail most of the time. Go with a smaller frame for on-trail conditions and a larger frame for off-trail conditions
  • What size is your foot? Regular bindings fit men’s sizes 10 and smaller and large bindings fit 10.5 and larger

*The actual colors may vary from those shown on your monitor

The custom pages will be back next fall. In the meantime, Please call us at 303-494-5506  to order custom snowshoes!