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The patent pending Eva All-Foam Snowshoes break the mold in every way and makes snowshoeing more accessible, less intimidating and more enjoyable for everyone.

Eva All-Foam wins 2 GEAR OF THE YEAR awards (Gear Junkie and Men’s Journal)

Eva All-Foam Gear of the Year

Lightweight, cushioned and comfortable, they’re like a big athletic flip flop for snow.  The Eva All-Foam Snowshoe ‘rocks’.

  • The flexible rocker design makes it feel more like an athletic shoe than a snowshoe
  • Dual Density foam makes it very easy to walk in– it’s the same foam used in your running shoes
  • Teardrop shape provides a natural stride without sacrificing flotation and maneuverability.
  • Lightweight and cushioned comfort, like walking on the moon. Foam compresses and rebounds with every step and feels weightless
  • The foam is an insulator so your feet are warmer
  • Hook and loop straps make the binding a breeze to get into and out of.
  • Multiple cleats and tire-like lugs provide cat-like traction when you need it.
  • Quiet & simple to use.
  • Recyclable through athletic shoe recycling programs.
  • Warranty—limited 1 year warranty for material defects. Does not include wear and tear. *Use  Eva-All-Foam snowshoes only when there is 6″ of snow, or more.  Traction points will wear down prematurely if used on gravel, pavement, and other non-snow surfaces and is not covered by warranty.

Patent Pending


Recommended for first timers, outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, runners, dog walkers, and people who love to get out in the snow. 

  • 8″ x 24″, 3.5 lbs. per pair, Best for snowshoers under 200lbs,
  • Recommended use on trails.
  • Fits a wide range of footwear and foot sizes—from size 7 W to 14 M.


The EVA Binding


Recognized for its innovation by….

Outside Magazine, Digital Trends, Gear Junkie,, Men’s Journal, Gumption Gear Review, Snowshoe Magazine, The Manual, and more…


Here’s what they’re saying……

Rocker at the tip and tail provide an effortless float when walking and even running. After a while, we forgot we were wearing them at all

-Outside Magazine, Gear of the Show

The unique rocker shape does away with the binding hinge found on other snowshoes. The curve not only supports the natural stepping motion, but the foam material is malleable and responds more like a running shoe than a traditional snowshoe.

– Gear Junkie, Best in Show

This snowshoe is a completely new design around the goal of making snowshoeing easy and fun. The snowshoe is made to be light weight, flexible, capable, and easy to use.

– Snowshoe Magazine