Eva All-Foam Snowshoes Review by Elevation Outdoors Feb, 2018

Eva All-Foam gets a lot of attention every where you go, and the review posted by Elevation Outdoors is a good appraisal of what you can expect both in performance of the shoes themselves and what you undoubtedly will see and hear from the moment you take your shoes out of the car.

Everyone who tries the new Eva All-Foam agrees that this is like no other snowshoe they’ve tried.  And if you’ve never been snowshoeing before, this might be the best first step you can take, not only because its easy to use, but you’ll be happy with the price and the value and all the trails your large, or small feet can take you to.

The pair are 3.8lbs and have a comfortable size and shape that make walking as easy as ……walking.  A spring like feeling comes with each step which is designed into the rocker shaped shoe and helps you up the hill, or down.   Eva foam snowhsoes are surprising just about everyone and if you’re one of those hikers who’s never tried snowshoeing because of the “gearishness” of traditional snowshoes, Eva is here to help you find a way to get into winter with ease.

Eva All-Foam snowshoes are available through REI and Moosejaw

Snowshoeing with EVAand many other specialty retailers throughout north america, and if you’re an on-line shopper, you can find them prominently performing on Amazon as well.  If you need to talk to someone about the shoes you can call Crescent Moon directly and speak to Jake, co-founder and President – here’s his cell phone 303-859 5216.  or, just email him at jake@crescentmoonsnowshoes.com


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