Crescent Moon offers a selection of some of the best snow shoes for men in the world. It’s based on an anatomically shaped binding system which fits and performs better than any other, and a tear drop shaped frame for greater maneuverability than traditionally shaped shoes. With top quality components and materials to distinguish our line of snowshoes from others, Crescent Moon has focused on creating the best snowshoes available, and we make them entirely in the US. Crescent Moon’s snowshoes for men are made to work. And play. Like a man!

Choose from either the Gold series or the Silver series. Both series offer the signature tear drop frame shape for greater maneuverability, but differ from each other in the traction system and the components used in the bindings. No matter what conditions or terrain you’re hiking in, whether you’re a big man or otherwise, there’s a model that’s perfect for you. From day hikes and trail conditions to off trail and work snow shoes, pick from the 3 frame sizes Crescent Moon offers: the “Mountain Hiking”, “Backcountry”, or “Expedition” model, when you choose Crescent Moon, you’ve got the best snowshoes for men you can find. Because you’re a smart man.