Backcountry Snowshoe for Men; Gold 10


  • 4.95 lbs/pair Recommended for snowshoers up to 225 lbs
  • 10 x 32 in, teardrop shaped frame for more athletic feel than traditional shapes
  • Large SPL binding system which provides a perfect performance fit
  • 3 stainless steel crampons PLUS additional traversing claws
  • Candy Apple Red & Sartorial Green frame colors
  • Men’s Backcountry Snowshoes
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Product Description

Backcountry Snowshoe for off  and on-trail conditions, the Gold 10 is built for unending exploration where most trails end. Featuring a larger version of Crescent Moon’s outstanding SPL binding, the Backcountry Snowshoe accommodates foot sizes 10 to 15 including smaller sized, but large volume boots like snowboard or hard-shell tele boots and every other kind of cold weather boot.

The Backcountry Snowshoe also features a brilliant set of traversing claws in addition to the stainless steel teeth located at the ball, heel, and most uniquely, the climbing toe claw. Who needs a rope when you can dig your feet into the side of a mountain and with hands on hips, plant your own flag in the ground. Pure science and artistic craftsmanship spliced into each other to make the Backcountry snowshoe model by Crescent Moon a golden addition to your mountain exploration equipment..

Big footed men with backcountry aspirations finally have a snowshoe to match their goals. The moderated tear drop shape of the Backcountry model makes the 32” x 10” dimension feel more maneuverable than traditionally shaped 30” snowshoes and the bindings work in concert with the platform to make every step one of great importance and significance in the pursuit of happiness. What more can be said, but these are the finest backcountry snowshoes you’ll ever own? We suggest you buy them.

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Candy Red, Lollypop Blue

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I have been using Crescent Moon Snowshoes for some 15 years now. Despite having the opportunity to use most of the major brands, I continue to use Crescent Moon for a few simple reasons.
    The shape of the snowshoe is the most ergonomic of all snowshoe brands. The tapered foot print allows the user to walk with a natural stride. The snowshoes are so easy to walk in you barely notice them on your feet. The binding system is very simple to use and reliable which means the snowshoe goes on easily even with gloves on and stays on. One unique feature of the binding system is that it allows the snowshoe to work in either a “fixed” or “free” rotation mode depending on the user’s stride. Personally I like to “swing from the hip” with little toe push. This allows the shoe to drape out of the hole it just made and prevents the shovel from being caught on the leading edge of that imprint. On a trail, with a quick toe push at the end of your stride, the shoe will snap up under your heel working in “fixed rotation” mode which some people like for trail running. This is not my preferred way of travel but the shoe does give you that option. The shoes are also made in the USA and not outsourced overseas and Jake, the CEO is environmentally and socially conscious if that is important to you. It is to me. If we are not concerned with the environment, you’ll all have to move to Canada to go snowshoeing and we certainly don’t want that!!
    David Bull, Bullski Sports, Canada.

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