Crescent Moon Snowshoes Heel Lift



Product Description

For use with Crescent Moon Snowshoes only. ** 

Crescent Moon Heel lift

  • Stable and Secure—30 x more surface area and non-slip ridges for heel traction
  • Quick and easy to use: The lift rotates to the “on” and “off” position without taking off your snowshoes
  • Easy to remove from your snowshoes when you don’t need it
  • Ultra-Lightweight

What is a heel lift?

It’s an optional feature for your snowshoes which adds 2 inches of platform under your heel and makes climbing more efficient, comfortable (by reducing the strain on your calf muscles), and improves traction.

Who needs a heel lift?

If you’re located in the mountains and you’re snowshoeing up long, sustained climbs, a heel lift might be exactly what the doctor ordered. If you’re spending most of your time on flatter or rolling terrain, you probably don’t need the heel lift.

How to get a pair of heel lifts

** You will need to purchase directly from Crescent Moon Snowshoes. If you already have Crescent Moon Snowshoes, we can install the new heel pad for you or you can do it yourself (You will need to drill out the current heel pad). If you are purchasing new snowshoes, please ask your dealer to custom order this for you or call us directly. It requires a special receiver heel pad.


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