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kids snowshoes



For Kids up to 65 lbs.
Why would you strap your kids into a piece of equipment that just isn’t any fun? Through extensive research, including trial and error with our own kids, we’ve developed a small snowshoe specifically designed to look and perform like the adult versions with a single pull binding system that won’t come loose or freeze up, and fits a wide range of sizes. The “kids” model is recommended for youths up to 65lbs and features a tapered tear drop shaped frame with the same TGS durable decking material we use on all our snowshoes. Guaranteed to be more enjoyable than traditionally shaped shoes and if you’re kids are happy and their feet are happy then, so are you.

  • 2lbs
  • 19 x 7 tapered frame
  • Simple cam-locking buckle binding system will fit up to size 5
  • 3 aluminum crampon system including the intuitive toe design
  • Polished aluminum frame
  • Snowshoes for kids

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