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Women’s Snowshoes – To Escape the Ordinary


Snowshoes for Women up to 195lbs

Gold 9 All Terrain Snowshoe

The Gold 9 snowshoe is the perfect size for most day hikes and trails and a great all-terrain hiking snowshoe for women up to 195lbs. Exceptional maneuverability, going uphill or down, traversing, walking, or even running, the Gold 9 is a versatile and excellent choice for all around snowshoeing. The single-pull-loop binding fits a wide range of feet from size 11 down to a woman’s size 5. Highly recommended is the combination of the Gold 9 and a pair of warm, comfortable “booties” which make your outing a fabulous stroll in the woods. Available in lollipop blue and bombastic brass. Buy, use, and own the universe – or maybe just snowshoe a piece of it as your schedule allows.

  • 4.4 lbs/pair Recommended for snowshoers up to 195lbs in all conditions
  • 9 x 27, teardrop shaped frame for greater maneuverability than traditional shapes
  • SPL binding system provides a perfect performance fit
  • 3 stainless steel crampon system featuring the intuitive “toe” claw design
  • Lollipop Blue & Bombastic Burgundy frame colors
  • Mountain Hiking Snowshoes for Women
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Product Description

Women’s Snowshoes


There’s a beautiful sky outside, it piled up all night and a thick blanket of snow has turned the neighborhood into a winter wonderland.   Give yourself an adventure by simply slipping on a pair of Crescent Moons and step out of your routine.   It really is that easy.   Come outside and listen to the snow fall,  your eyelashes load up with beautiful flakes as you find your stride.  Within minutes you can feel the sweat begin to form and without even noticing, you’re in a different world.

Women’s Snowshoes, or snowshoes specific to women were first made by Crescent Moon, back in 1998.   Perhaps it was because one of our founders is a woman, or perhaps it was because nearly half of all snowshoers are women, but Crescent Moon was the first company to make women’s snowshoes.  Since no one else was making snowshoes for women it seemed like a good idea.  So we did.  The first woman’s model was the Gold 13 for “Trail’ conditions, but we realized that not all women are under 165lbs and the Gold 9, which is nearly 18% larger than the Trail shoe seemed like a good idea for women who might want to carry a pack or stray from the beaten path.   In any case, the All Terrain (Gold 9) is perfectly sized and uniquely shaped to accommodate women, as well as men, up to 195lbs in nearly all terrain.   It’s that tear-drop shape that makes them so maneuverable and easy to navigate, even with a shorter, more narrow stride, which is what most women have.


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Burgundy, Lollypop Blue


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