Snowshoes for Running

Running snowshoes by Crescent Moon come in two varieties: fast and bolting fast – respectively called the Gold 12 and the Rocket! Both models offer you exceptionally lightweight choices for running, training and racing. 

Both the Gold 12 and the Rocket use the same binding and aluminum crampon traction system and both are available in the “direct mount” option as well. The binding system developed by Crescent Moon is what distinguishes it from other brands. Made specifically for athletic shoes with dual locking cam buckles over the foot and a single cam locking buckle on the heel, adjusting to a perfect fit is as simple as a pulling over and around. Flexible materials in the binding keep it not only lightweight, but comfortable and eliminates hot spots. One of the most unique features of the binding is the toe claw. Your toe is the last thing to leave the snow and is what you use to push off as you take your next step. It’s where all your weight is placed before you lift off – it’s a balance point and Crescent Moon is the only company that puts a toe claw on every one of our snowshoes, including the running snowshoes.

What Makes them Different?

Signature to the Crescent Moon brand is the tear drop shaped frame which is exaggerated in all of the snowshoes for running and racing to make it easier for your feet to pass by each other in a very natural and unencumbered way. The last thing you want in a racing snowshoe is to worry about tripping or changing your normal stride. The tear drop shape allows you to take a shorter, more comfortable step or stride and you won’t find another frame like it on the market. When your snowshoes work in concert with your foot you’ll be able to run, hike, or walk faster, more comfortably, and cover more miles in less time.

Which One is Best for Me?

Whether you choose the Gold 12 model or the incredible carbon fiber Rocket!, you’re choosing snowshoes specifically made for running. World class athlete or a weekend warrior, Crescent Moon makes a running snowshoe for you Run towards your personal best, or race away from the competition in a pair of Crescent Moon running snowshoes.</p>