Snowshoeing into the future? Or post-holing in the past?

Snowshoeing into the future or stuck in the past, where will your snowshoes take you this winter?

Snowshoeing is a simple winter activity, basically, it’s hiking with snowshoes on.   The equipment you choose can make a difference in the kind of experience you have.  Like other outdoor activities such as camping, or skiing, or trail running, or backpacking, the better the gear, the more comfortable and efficient you are, the more you enjoy whatever you’re doing. Snowshoeing is no different.  That’s why we came up with making snowshoes out of foam.

When Crescent Moon Snowshoes first came up with the idea, it was based on the Hoka running shoe which made running and hiking a much more comfortable way to do those things.   Tamara Laug, co-founder and avid runner,  was the one who suggested we make a snowshoe that mimicked the “feel” and “enjoyment” of foam into a snowshoe and radically changed the age old paradigm of having a hole for your foot to stick through and rotating around  an axle, or a strap.   It’s funny how such a simple idea can be so “revolutionary” and completely challenges the way a piece of gear, or a product is perceived.  Snowshoeing; into the future

Instead of rotating around an axel, the entire shoe rotates in the same way your foot moves as it rocks from back to front in a continuous motion.   Foam bends, and flexes, like your foot, but snowshoes have been “hinged” for a very long time, and believe it or not, challenging that basic premise has “un-hinged” some of the snowshoe world to question the rocker idea.  But for those who’ve been on them, well, they’re believers now.   It’s the same in any industry when an innovation or idea challenges the status quo, but, from our experience and those who are among the first to adopt the foam snowshoe has been a sweet step into the future.

In the coming seasons, Crescent Moon will have a number of demo centers in the mid-west where you can try the Eva All-Foam snowshoe and when you first step into a pair you’ll immediately notice how comfortable and quiet, and how easy they rock from heel to toe – just like wearing a pair of Hoka running shoes……..only bigger.  They make snowshoeing better.

The future of snowshoes is foam, so step up and into a pair and start enjoying your outings a lot more, you can feel the difference in 2 feet.


snowshoes of the pastEVA Red All Foam Snowshoe

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