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Snowshoes for Sale

When you’re looking for snow shoes to purchase or rent, there really is a difference from one brand to the next and the price you pay is often a reflection of the components and craftsmanship that go into the equipment you’re buying.  

At Crescent Moon, the snowshoes we have for sale are made with great care and pride.   You won’t find better quality, design, and function anywhere else in the world. 

What to Look for:

When looking for snowshoes, the most important consideration is the binding.  The binding should be easy and intuitive to use, provide support, be comfortable under all conditions and last but not least, transfer the natural motion of your foot from the binding to the platform and traction beneath the decking with each step you take. That’s why the SPL (single-pull-loop) adjustable binding by Crescent Moon is the perfect solution for all of your snowshoeing adventures. You’ll get the response and control you need and confidence to go up or down any terrain with a pair of Crescent Moon’s.

The best binding is the SPL made by Crescent Moonsnowshoes for sale

  • Easiest in/out binding on the market, just slide your foot into the foot stirrup and pull up on the large strap – getting out is as simple as pulling in the opposite direction on the small loop.  “The large loop tighten-eth, and the small loop loosen-eth. Amen.”
  • The binding hugs your foot in all directions for significantly better performance than other binding designs which allow your foot to “slop around” inside the harness system.
  • Keeps your entire foot secure with equal tension throughout each step resulting in better traction, support, and comfort and that means, a better snowshoe experience.
  • It’s the only binding that uses compression in all directions to keep your foot stabilized and centered no matter how uneven the ground you’re walking on becomes.
  • Three strategically placed crampons, toe, ball, and heel, provide constant traction throughout your entire stepping motion. From toe to heel, side to side and top to bottom, you’re locked into a form fitting foot harness.
  • Water proof straps assure you won’t come out of adjustment – that’s why we choose not to use webbing which can freeze and stretch, and every step you take is just like the last one you made – perfect.

The right equipment can make the difference between a lifetime of great outdoor experiences or a one-time outing.  Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced outdoorsman, from the design to the components and the quality of craftsmanship, every Crescent Moon snowshoe makes your winter adventure better.  And Crescent Moon offers snowshoes for the whole family, from racers to kids, moms and dads, on or off trail, recreational or professional expedition-its, you’ll find a shoe that fits. Step up to the best snowshoes made in America.

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