Womens snowshoes should be different; just as different as women are from men. With smaller and narrower strides, we designed our snowshoes for women with an exaggerated teardrop shape to allow for the way women walk. With every step you take, one snow shoe clears away from the other without forcing you to change the way you normally walk – your hips will thank you for that. 

And then there is the binding, made with components that make getting into and out of it as easy as walking outside. The heel adjusts with a ratcheting buckle and dual over-the-foot cam-locking buckles are simple and straight forward to adjust by pulling up on the continuous strap. That’s particularly valuable when it’s really cold outside and you don’t want to take your gloves off to adjust your bindings. That alone is enough to make the difference between Crescent Moons and any other brand. All of Crescent Moon’s women’s snowshoes are made with the single pull binding design. And once on, we guarantee your snowshoes will stay on, no matter how deep the snow, or how steep the terrain, you can count on the Crescent Moon binding, designed by a woman, and built to be the best snowshoes for women available. Viva la difference!

Choose the model that’s right for you, either the” Mountain Hiking” model, “Backcountry” , or the “Trail” model, available in either the Gold series or the Silver series to fit any budget. If you have any questions on which model is best for you, contact us through email or phone, or find us on facebook.