Gold Series

home_goldThe bindings on the Gold series of snowshoes are simple to use, comfortable to wear, and perform perfectly in all conditions. When snowshoeing, you want your foot to be comfortable, stable and secure and not to come out of adjustment. The Crescent Moon binding holds your foot in place in every direction, top to bottom, side to side, and most uniquely, front to back. Combined with a unique tear drop shaped frame, which makes it easier to maneuver than traditional snowshoes, and stainless steel crampons strategically placed to provide traction when and where you need it, each pair of men’s, women’s and running shoes in the Gold series is guaranteed to make your outdoor experience the best it can be.

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Silver Series

home_silverWhat’s the difference between the Gold and the Silver Series of snowshoes? You still want the best equipment your money can buy, so Silver series of snowshoes were made to maximize value. Whether you’re buying adult or kids’ snowshoes consider the benefit of owning equipment with an iconic design, made by a company whose reputation is based on quality and innovation, all at a great price. That’s a unique combination of valuable attributes. Crescent Moon’s Silver series offers the same performance-based design as the Gold series, but with different buckles in the bindings, polished aluminum frames, and aluminum crampons.. As a result, the Silver series of snowshoes are lighter in weight and all that adds up to performance for less; that’s a couple of steps in the right direction. All Crescent Moon’s men’s, women’s and kids snowshoes are made in Boulder, CO.

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Running Series

home_performanceWithin the snowshoe market there are only a few choices of running snowshoes and Crescent Moon offers one of the most unique and efficient frame shapes anywhere in the world. . The Race binding is made to accommodate athletic shoes and fits a wide range of feet for runners of all sizes, shapes and abilities. In addition to Crescent Moon’s aluminum frame snowshoes, we have developed the Rocket™, an all Carbon fiber snowshoe which weighs a gravity defying 2.2lbs per pair (as a direct mount option). All of our racing and running snowshoes provide exceptional performance because of the Crescent Moon ‘race’ binding system which keeps your foot secured and comfortable at all speeds and altitudes. Whether you’re a world class athlete or a weekend warrior, Crescent Moon’s running series of fast, faster, and “meep meep?” will give you the competitive edge in running snowshoes. Made in Boulder, CO.

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Going Green

As an outdoor products manufacturing company we have a special obligation to make our snowshoes out of components which do no harm to the environment in which they are used. With that as a guiding principle, Crescent Moon chose to locate its manufacturing facility in Boulder, CO from inception back in 1997. We use wind-generated electricity and recycle as much of our waste as possible and practical in the process of making our products. We invite you to consider Crescent Moon as your first choice in men’s or women’s snowshoes and whether you’re trading up or trading in, send us your old snowshoes and we’ll recycle them for you. Learn More

If the binding fits...

Crescent Moon’s binding design is unique among all other brands. It completely envelops your foot with a toe enclosure, adjustable side wraps, and a ratcheting heel mechanism collecting your foot in all directions with equal tension. As a result, your foot won’t come out of the snowshoe when you’re in deep snow. A good binding system is paramount to a good snowshoe experience - and the Crescent Moon has been recognized as the best on men’s, women’s, and running snowshoes by many outdoor experts, reviewers, and magazines. We guarantee you a good time in Crescent Moon snowshoes. 

Look how fast and easy it is to put on and take off Crescent Moon snowshoes: